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Other Welcome to Coal Township's Recycling Center Page

Coal Township Recycling Center
261 Venn Access Road
Coal Township, PA 17866
Telephone: (570)644-1066
Hours of Operation:
Sunday & Monday – Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday – 10am – 6:30pm
Friday & Saturday – 9am – 12:45pm

We now accept electronics - on Thursdays only

Charles Shuey, Recycling Coordinator
Michael Estock, Foreman
Michael Bonshock
John Wachter
Richard Zack
David Dimmick
Donald Shuey
Frederick Hartman (Experience Works)

Center collects, processes and recycles the following:
-Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)
-Sorted Office Paper
-Shredded Paper
-Plastics - #1 & #2 only
-Bi-Metal Cans
-Aluminum Cans
-Glass – Clear, Green & Brown (Separated)
-CFL Light Bulbs

Also collected for mulching and composting are:
-Tree limbs – no larger than 4 feet in length and 4 inches in diameter
-Leaves and Yard Waste

Seasonally, mulch and compost are available to residents free of charge. All mulch and compost must be loaded and hauled at the individual’s expense. The Recycling Center Coordinator and Attendants reserve the right to limit the amount of mulch and compost being taken by any individual or group.